Monday, October 14, 2013

Boo Bunny Hunt October 15-October 31

Ohh piece of candy...ohh piece of candy...that boo! bunny is a jokester! Dressed as a ghost, yelling BOO! at everyone, stealing their candy and running away-little does he know he's left us a trail of shiny wrapped yummies to help hunt him down.  

The Boo! Bunny is a fun halloween hunt -Follow the trail of candy and you'll be led to the dark forest where the boo! bunny has stashed all the goodies he's picked up along the way. Gifts from 20 sponsors await you!

Don't delay, the bunny is running amuck, scaring everyone and most of all stealing the halloween treats! Hunt him down and stop him before the candy is gone!


HINTS and HUNT GIFTS are located on the blog-use the # which is the direct URL to the location.  Each candy will have the next LM inside, however if you get stuck please use the blog which we update immediately with any changes.

Join the EVIL BUNNY HUNTS group for hunt help-please be courteous to all hunters and no direct hunt prim locations in chat.

**You must finish the hunt to get the clues to the Boo! Bunny's hidden forest!**

Starting point

I will be giving you the awesome details in the days that follow so stay tuned :)

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