Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Ska with DJ Maxy and #2

Hey there boys and girls, today I went to this awesome Ska set with DJ Maxy (max.dotterkelch) at The Social Scene
It was real fun and I enjoyed myself. Its always good to have some time off from working once in a while lol. So without further ado, heres some awesome pics.

And what am I wearing today?
Lets find out lol

Eyeshadow: Beauty Killer-Bewitched Shadow-Darks-Purple
Hair: Bliss Couture-Trinity-Marron Glace
Store was closing the last time I was there so heres their mp

Earrings: Amour Signature-Taliah Earrings-Vintage
Septum: Sour Pickles-Tortile Piercing With Shadow-Taste The Colors Hunt
Necklaces, Bangles, Rings: FAC-River

Top: CaramelDiffusion-2oak- Two of a Kind hunt
Shorts: FAC-River
Socks: M.Inc Storm Trooper Tuber Sox
Skates: M.Inc Accel II (evo Black)

Love you all

Sunday, September 22, 2013

ACS is coming to a close

With 13 hours and counting down, this years AClockworkSpiral is coming to a close. It was fun. My little shop was in there with the big leagues. Tomorrow I will be able to post how much we raised for the National Kidney Foundation. I can't wait till Gothmas by Gaslight. But now I just have to get in gear and get some hunt items done and new products out. Oh I almost forgot, we got blogged again. YAY!!!! Again I'm so excited, but then again I always am. This time we got blogged by the lovey Duchess Flux. Thank you hun, and that corset looks amazing on you. And that little cat is adorable too.

Love you all
<33 Emmi

Thursday, September 19, 2013

#1 A Sunny Morning In 1888

I was walking across the river this morning to visit my sister in the we hours of the morning and caught myself staring down at the water.

Hair: Magicka; Pretty
Hat, Dress, Overcoat: Montagne Noire; Le Temps Porte-Silver


OMG OMG we got blogged. I loved making this dress. Im so excited.

Come check out AClockworkSpiral to get it :)

Love you all
<33 Emmi

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

AClockworkSpiral 2013

So ACS opens tomorrow, so I went around the sim and got pics of all the awesome stuff that you can get to help the National Kidney Foundation

My First Season Of Derby PT2 (sorry very pic heavy)

August 18th
An amazing after party to an amazing bout between the M.Inc Riot Bitches and the Military Misfits. Yes, us derby girls do party hard. lol

Septemeber 8th
An awesome end to an awesome season. You ask me now, do I like derby. I will tell you hell yes, I LOVE DERBY.

This is what its all come down to. The best of the best, in an all out...knock down derby display of greatness. So far the season has been an exciting one. With Teams ranking from:

✪Dreadnoughts- 5th place
✪Military Misfits- 4th place
✪The Suicide Girls- 3rd place

......and hip checking it out for 2nd and 1st place we have...(drum roll please)

✪The Jawbreakers. (sponsored by Secrets of Gaia)
✪The M.Inc Riot Bitches (Sponsored by M.Inc

In a repeat of last years Season the stakes are high. Jawbreakers are looking to unseat the 2012 Season champs The Riot Bitches. If you think its been intense so aint seen nothing yet.

So get there early. Bout starts at 6pm SLT. There are amazing prizes and gifts from ALL our SLRDA sponsors. Gift Certificates to Epic, Scatterbrain custom bikes, M.Inc, Secrets of Gaia and many more. (full list is still coming!!! Love you SLRDA sponsors for ALL your help. )

✪ Sunday September 8th

✪ Time: 6pm SLT

✪ Location: The United Skates of Derby Stadium



✪ Live Commentators:
1. Allure McIntyre
2. Tabby Twotone

✪ Live Videographer:

1. ΤяιѕтAи

✪ Head Ref: Tora Maven
✪ Refs:
Xiija Oleander
Brodie Oleander
Čħαѕє VΦη Ħєnϊngα

The JawBreakers:

✪Team Sponsors: Secrets of Gaia

✪ Coach: Grogo Tungsten/Grogettum Tiger #668
✪ Team Captain: Rox Ur World #13
✪ Co. Captain: Catastrophe Divine #88
✪ Co. Captain: SlamBam #09

Star Struck McGee #182
Texas Tornado #007
Triple T McPhee #16
Mistrezz Monica #666
Lethal Lollipop #08

M.Inc Riot Bitches:

✪Team Sponsors: M.Inc

✪ Team Captain:ڪin der ڪwella # 68
✪ Co. Captain: Sgt. Major Knockers # 420

Daisy Doomsday # 2012
şαşşч ρuşşчкαţ # 814
QT Pi # 3.14
Love Pushing # 9
Imma Dropher # A55
Ann O'Fender # 8 m3
Hybrid Hooka # 1613
Ka0s Deathdringer #45

As the season comes to a close I leave you with this. We will be back. We will come in force And We will kick your ass on the track

I love you all
<33 Emmi